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by Jake Colton

Our Team

Open Avenue is a group of Chicago therapists, counselors, and psychiatric partners that specialize in relationship and couples counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, and in various forms of addiction counseling (common reasons people seek our services).

Jake Colton LCSW CADC | Sarah Raskey LCPC ATRRebecca Levinson LCSW


Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Our certified alcohol and drug counselors have experience working with many forms of addiction and provide outpatient therapy and drug education.
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Chicago Couples Therapists

When a person has a drug or alcohol problem typically it affects not only the individual, but also puts strain on couples, families, and other relationships. Our Chicago counselors recognize the importance of involving the support group in the process as much as possible. Our counselors are trained to facilitate communication between couples so that each person feels understood and committed to the change process.
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