Since our inception in 2008, Open Avenue has been at the forefront of offering transformative support and guidance. 

Our ethos of pushing the edge has always been a magnet for those who challenge limits – the risk takers and innovators.

We recognize that individuals who face the most intense emotional struggles often possess extraordinary potential. 

Our passion lies in guiding these vibrant souls, the explorers and adventurers of our society, towards harnessing their unique “powers” for good.

We understand that these boundary-pushers and innovators are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse, often as a byproduct of their fearless pursuit of new experiences. While these choices may bring chaos in the short term, we see the silver lining. We believe that many of these individuals are the emerging leaders of tomorrow.

Our approach is different. We don’t just treat symptoms; we dive deep into the heart of the challenge. We work to channel the creativity and insatiable hunger for life that these adventurers possess into positive, prosocial pathways. 

At Open Avenue, we understand the adjustments and iterations necessary to unlock an individual’s full potential. We find and help repair the relationships or experiences that have blocked your natural progression. In essence, we help you individuals get out of their own way, unlocking the immense potential that already exists within them.

If you feel that our collaborative support and guidance could benefit you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be honored to walk alongside you, supporting your growth and helping you fine-tune and fulfill your life’s purpose.