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by Jake Colton

Our Practice

Open Avenue is a psychotherapy practice founded in 2008 that specializes in mental health services including addiction and substance abuse counseling, relationship counseling, and utilizing a strength based approach to maximize one’s emotional and mental health.

“We help people to understand and transition through important phases of their lives, whether those transitions include starting a new relationship, ending a relationship, starting a new job, leaving a particular line of work, moving to a new city, or even experimenting with a new lifestyle.”

The foundation of the mental health services we provide are grounded in research and evidenced based practices. That being said, we believe successful therapy is creative, collaborative, and holistic, which means we thoughtfully integrate metaphor, movement, energy, spirituality, and art into the process in order to help people achieve significant and lasting change.

Mental Health Services

In addition to providing individual, group, and couples counseling, we also are committed to educating counseling students and training licensed counselors in areas of addiction, substance abuse, and art therapy.


Several of our counselors are also adjunct faculty at DePaul University in the graduate counseling program and have taught courses on relationship counseling, addiction and drug abuse counseling, and group counseling.

Trainings and Workshops

We have also held workshops at The University of Chicago (e.g. Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse counseling), Oakton community college (e.g. “Sexuality, Safety, and Spirituality in Psychotherapy”), and have held serveral other mental health and counseling workshops at our downtown location in Chicago.