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Drug Education

by Jake Colton
drug education

Drug Education – How did/do we Learn?

  • Parents/Family
  • Friends
  • Media – Commercials, News, Movies, Music, Magazines, Internet
  • Religion (redirect to “Drugs and Religion”)
  • School
  • Government (redirect to “War on Drugs”)
  • Experimentation

How did you learn about the effects of drugs? Have those opinions changed over time?

Parents and Family – Influence You?

  • What are their opinions?
  • Do you agree with their stance?
  • How did they learn?
  • Have their opinions changed over time?
  • How did they teach about drugs?
  • Have you taught them anything? If so, how?
  • Are you a parent?  If so how/what have you and/or will you teach them about drugs?

Friend and Peers – Influence?

  • What were their opinions?
  • Did they influence your information? If so, how?
  • Did you influence them?  If so, how?

Media – Commercials

  • What drug commercials do you remember?
  • What impact did they have on your opinion/knowledge of drugs?

“This is your brain on drugs. ..Any questions?”

School – What Teachers Say?

  • Receive any drug education at school?
  • What is appropriate to tell students?

Drug Education – Experimentation?

  • If experimented with drugs how closely does your experience match the information/understanding you had of that particular substance?
  • Gateway theory
  • If experimented have you tried to influence the opinion of others?
  • Have others that experimented tried to influence your opinion?  How?

Drug Education – Facts vs Fiction

  • Costs/Benefits of purposefully misleading public? (e.g. leading them to believe certain drugs are more or less dangerous than the facts indicate).
  • Motives of purposefully misleading?
  • Half truths?  (e.g. downside/ without upside and vice versa).
  • Rampant ignorance?
  • What prevents someone from knowing the truth about drugs?

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