Chicago Counselors

Jake Colton LCSW CADC

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Adjunct Professor DePaul University

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Treatment Philosophy
Education and Training

Sarah Raskey LCPC ATR

Certified Art Therapist
Adjunct Professor DePaul University

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Counseling in Chicago…

It is a common misconception to think that only seriously ill or “crazy” people need counseling help. Studies show that over eighty percent of people can benefit from counseling at some time in their lives. So, it is normal to need counseling when special concerns or difficult feelings arise.

Most people have a problem with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, etc., at some point. Open Avenue Chicago Counselors can help.

Don’t put off seeking counseling or therapy. If you are considering it, this is an indication that you probably could benefit from the experience.

Length of Therapy?

Sometimes our Chicago counselors can help resolve the presenting issues in as little as three to five sessions while more complex and multidimensional issues will take more sessions to make lasting changes.