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Maryam Basmenji

Open Avenue Therapist – Maryam Basmenji LCSW

Trauma CounselorTreatment Philosophy
Change of any kind is difficult and sometimes slow to come, but it is important that it is your own – the most lasting transformations are the ones you will make through your own exploration, and not the ones that are pressured upon you. No matter what you are dealing with, therapy requires courage and willingness to take a good look at what is and isn’t working for you right now. You may have had moments in your life when you have wondered if your life reflects what you value and who you want to be. In these moments, partnering with a therapist may provide you with the support you need to reach a new level of growth. It is possible to live the life you really want.

Treatment Specialties
Maryam specializes in treating addiction and trauma. She has worked extensively with a variety of different addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription medications, and food. Living in the present and basing your life choices on your values is one of the best ways to step into your full potential and heal your past. There are times, however, when using drugs and alcohol seem like the only solution to heartache, emotional pain, or distress in general. Maryam has experience helping people with these issues, whether they want to stop using substances completely or find a way to make them compatible with their life goals.

Maryam uses her expertise as a trauma counselor to support trauma survivors in reclaiming their lives. She has worked with people who have survived combat, torture, sexual assault, domestic violence, gang violence, and childhood abuse. Maryam is a nationally-trained provider of Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy, both of which are research-supported treatments for trauma-related symptoms and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has completed intensive training from Behavioral Tech, LLC in Dialectical Behavior Therapy so she can provide treatment and teach skills to clients who are struggling with intense emotions, impulsivity, and harmful behaviors. She also uses a dual-diagnosis treatment called Seeking Safety, which has demonstrated efficacy in reducing symptoms related to co-occurring trauma and substance use. Many times, these issues go hand in hand, and therapy can highlight how to make the most of this connection in your recovery.

While being an addiction and trauma counselor are Maryam’s specialty areas, she regularly helps adults and adolescents who are having general issues with anxiety, depression, or simply adjusting to life’s transitions. She has spent years working with and empowering women who are struggling with identity and relationship stress. She also has experience assisting active-duty military members and veterans adjust to civilian life. In all of these circumstances, Maryam’s underlining approach is to help you increase your self-understanding by looking at what can be addressed in the present and aiming to resolve any recurring issues.

Other Services
Maryam is also committed to continued training for professionals and is available for consultation or clinical supervision.