Motivational Interviewing Training

by Jake Colton

Motivational Interviewing (MI) – Client Centered and Change Oriented

Motivational Interviewing is grounded in a client centered approach with a focus on building rapport and acceptance in the initial stages of the counseling relationship with an increased amount of change focus as the client moves through the various stages of change.

Through clinical experience and empirical research, the fundamental principles and methodologies of MI have been applied and tested in various settings and research findings have demonstrated its efficacy. MI is now established as an evidence-­‐based practice in the treatment of individuals with substance use disorders.

Open Avenue | Motivational Interviewing Trainings in Chicago

Open Avenue provides Motivational Interviewing trainings that are specifically tailored to match the needs of particular organizations. Day long trainings are sufficient to provide an introduction to Motivational Interviewing to your staff. However, to fully learn MI techniques and effectively incorporate them in mental health and clinical settings ongoing skill-based training is essential.

Individual Motivational Interviewing training and consultation is also available.

To learn more or schedule a Motivational Interviewing training feel free to call or email us through our Open Avenue contact page.

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